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Marta's Mental Mastication

Things I chew over

My day job is parachuting into small countries ruled by cruel despots to rescue starving children from their nefarious clutches. By night, I'm a belly dancer, MC, DJ, and practitioner of multiple fetishes. I wrestle alligators for fun, and train as a boxer for exercise. I'm addicted to coffee and also regularly ingest various [legal] pharmaceuticals. I do volunteer work for charities and philanthropic organizations. In my copious free time, I wrangle wild horses and Chippendales dancers, ride a cruiser-style motorcycle, and collect erotic art. I attend SIFF, FolkLife, and Burning Man every year. I'm fond of salmon, oysters, fine wine, and hot, kinky sex. Conservatives hate me because I'm a well-educated, open-minded, free-thinking, intellectual and sultry liberal who gets laid more often in any given week than any conservative of either gender does in their entire lives.

I'll leave it up to the reader to figure out which of the above items are true.


Many items in my LiveJournal may not be appropriate for minors or Neo-Cons; nor may the content be taste-safe or work-safe (oh, the horror!). I am very open about my life and my sexuality--which I consider to be an integral part of who I am. IMHO, this American puritanical nonsense about segregating sex from our public selves is positively draconian. However, I very well know and respect the laws of our society. Therefore, if you're under 18 or easily offended, DO NOT READ THIS STUFF. You have been warned.